Tailored investment portfolios for all.

Provide your customers with the ability to state their values, and then get a portfolio of individual stocks and bonds of companies that align with their values. Every customer gets a portfolio unique to them without having to sacrifice returns. Pomarium provides all of it at the click of a button.

Pomarium product screenshot
The image above is a screenshot of our portfolio generation tool. All numbers are hypothetical and are not intended to be used for a recommendation to buy or sell securities.

Direct Indexing

Provide your customers with minimal internal fee drag and optimal tax harvesting across multiple indices.

Risk Management

Portfolios are personalized to your customers’ risk tolerance, and kept in alignment with their risk tolerance through time.


Portfolios include a multitude of asset classes and industry sectors ensuring that each values-driven portfolio is also well diversified.

Fractional Shares

Fractional shares of individual stocks allows for increased accessibility and flexibility for all of your customers.

Differentiate your product and provide customers with more of what they want.

Customers become concerned with fees only in the absence of value. For decades, asset managers and brokerage platforms have struggles to create real value for their customers. With Pomarium, you can increase your profitability by providing real value that your customers are looking for: A values-driven portfolio, built exclusively for them, without having to sacrifice returns.

More than a robot.

Our team has experience working with individual investors on a daily basis. Leaders across the data science, technology, and finance industries have come together to create an investment algorithm with your values at the center.

Erik Sartin Headshot - Pomarium

Erik Sartin

Co-Founder • CIO & CFO
  • Built successful financial planning practice.
  • Investment portfolio management with over 100 households.

Libby Sparks, MPH, CSM

COO • Operations
  • Taken two products live totaling $250M.
  • Led and scaled multiple technical teams between 5 and 75+ people.
Bradley Sparks Headshot - Pomarium

Bradley Sparks, MS

Co-Founder • CEO
  • Built successful financial planning practice.
  • Started and operating multiple companies in the finance, education, and industry sectors.

Josh Chambers, MA, LPC

CBO • Branding and Marketing
  • Serial entrepreneur. Fintech founder.
  • 20 years of branding, product, & design. Google, Reebok, Viacom, DoorDash.

Nathan Faber, MS

CSO • Investments and MAchine Learning
  • 10 years of algorithmic investment strategies in hedge funds and mutual funds.
  • MS Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business.

Marin Berg

CTO • Product and Technology
  • Led product at two companies from early stage to IPO.
  • Successfully built two B2B tech platforms from scratch.

Aaron Loyd

Senior Developer
  • Built patented network monitoring tool used by financial institutions for transactions to prevent network slowdown.
  • Developed one of the first tools used to automate database reports and graphs.
  • Built a control and data system to manage all of Fort Collins, CO water and wastewater systems.

Josh Lowery

Senior Developer
  • Built backend security layer for AI web service company (Sturdy AI).
  • Oversaw backend integrations with PayPal and Indeed for payment and application processing at Paycor.
  • Oversaw all software aspects for Sureshot tactile dome placement system at Snaptron.

Gabby Melli

Data Scientist
  • Led the first data-driven pilot program, utilizing nonlinear mixed effects modeling to study client symptom improvement at SonderMind.
  • Executed exploratory modeling projects, including supervised and unsupervised machine learning approaches.
  • Winner of internal Engineering Hackathon 2022 at SonderMind.

Advisory Board

Charlie Quann, MS

Head of Corporate Reporting and Decarbonization
Planet FWD
Charlie Quann is a passionate sustainability practitioner with a proven track record of helping corporations decarbonize operations and transition to a net-zero economy. He works with companies through all stages of their climate journey from inaugural emissions inventory through science-based target setting, to the development and implementation of robust net-zero transition plans. Charlie served as an Advisory Lead at Antea Group prior to joining Planet FWD as their Head of Corporate Reporting and Decarbonization.

JD Bruce, CPA, PFS

Senior Consultant
at Herbers & Company and President Emeritus of Abacus Wealth Partners
JD’s experience and expertise in the financial services industry has surpassed two decades helping accounting, technology companies, and independent advisory firms grow. Prior to Herbers & Company, where JD consults firms across the globe on leadership and growth, he was the President of Abacus Wealth Partners. Under JD’s leadership, the firm grew from 25 to 75 employees, 500 million to 4 billion in managed assets, 5 to 25 million in revenue, 2 to 22 partners, 3 to 7 offices, and made 12 M&A transactions.

Available for Multiple Use Cases

  • Sub Advisor For RIAs and RIA servicing platforms.
  • Portfolio overlay to add values-alignment to existing strategies.
  • Internal research tool for asset managers.
  • Investment selection tool for self-directed brokerage platforms.
  • Spending analysis tool for banks and credit card companies.